Exisitng Section 19 Permit Holders


(current cost £11 per vehicle that you use)




Existing permit holders who wish to continue operating a minibus for hire and reward on a not-for-profit basis after this date will need to apply for a new expiry-dated “standard permit”, this pemit is a replacement for the old style permit and can be obtained through by . It is valid for a period of 5 years when a renewal is required.





SECTION 19 SMALL BUS PERMIT(if applicable)


This allows voluntary groups and certain other bodies to charge or accept a form of remuneration for
providing transport for their own members or other people whom the organisation serves without having to comply with the full PCV operator licensing or driver licensing regulations.




Application can be made from any non-profit making body concerned with Religion, Education, Recreation,
Social Welfare or other activities that benefit the community.




They are normally issued to a specific group but in certain circumstances they can be issued to an
individual on behalf of a body which he or she represents.




Validity: Five years, but they can be revoked if misused.


Contact: VOSA 0300 123 9000






If any sort of payment which gives a person the right to be carried on a vehicle regardless of whether any profit is made or not. The payment may be made by the person him/herself or on his/her behalf and maybe a direct payment (such as a fare or other payment in respect of a particular journey) or an indirect payment (such as membership subscription to a club, payment for a bed in a hotel, school fees or payment for concert tickets). Although such indirect payments are usually made in respect of other services (rather than for transport) they
are nonetheless viewed by the courts as hire and reward because anyone who had not made the payment would have no right to be carried.