Welcome to Minibus Assessed Drivers Courses Ltd





This organisation, based in Medway, Kent  is set up to deliver a number of multiple passenger vehicle (minibus) related activities designed to ensure compliance to:-




Health and Safety


Conveyance in safety and comfort



These activities are one day training courses:-


The Community Transports Association’s



  • Minibus Drivers Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)



  • Passenger Assistant Training (PAT) also developed by the CTA.     To ensure compliance on wheelchair clamping and tail lift operation on accessible minibuses.



  • Operation of Multiple Passenger Vehicles (MPV’s) – based on MiDAS



  • Support for current B/B1 licensed drivers to obtain a D1 (PCV) license enabling the driving of 17 seater minibuses whilst employed.


  • D1 (restricted, or 101 or 1 on license) to be able to drive in Europe.




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